Our Olive Journey

The History of Hunter Gleann Olives

Hunter Gleann Olives have been celebrated by customers across the Hunter region. Visit us and try them for yourself. What started as a side project has transformed into a labour of love with James tirelessly learning and developing his skills and knowledge of grove management and olive processing, while gaining certification in pest management, necessary in operating a horticultural property.

In 2017 James and Rachael purchased the Hunter Valley Property. Their vision was to resurrect the tired olive grove of some 200 trees. With tireless care, the vision was realised with the first harvest in 2021 yielding almost 1000kg of olives off about 100 of their 200 trees.

Hunter Gleann- Hunter Valley Accomodation- Our olive groves
Hunter Gleann- Hunter Valley Accomodation- Our olive groves

The Hunter Gleann Olive Process

At Hunter Gleann we carefully monitor the growth and harvest of all our produce ensuring highest quality standards and flavours are consistently achieved. Our olives are naturally cured in Brine. After a period in brine, they are transferred to 300ml jars in fresh brine and selected marinades for retail sale onsite, at local wineries or farmers markets.

We have increased our range to include pottery, olive utensils and caramelised balsamic vinegar. Hunter Gleann Olives are known for being plump, juicy and full of the traditional flavour that Australian olives are so well known for.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products that customers rave about and keep returning to purchase. If you love olives, you must visit Hunter Gleann and try our range of Kalamata and Manzanillo olive in a range of marinates.

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Hunter Wine Country Markets

Huntlee Farmers Market– 1st Saturday of the month

Broke Village Market– 1st Sunday of the month

Stay in our Homestead or Cottage and ask about taking your group on an olive experience.