Embark on a Vinous Odyssey: The Wine Connoisseurs Experience in the Hunter Valley

Welcome to Hunter Gleann, where every glass tells a story, and every vineyard echoes the rich traditions of winemaking. Our Wine Connoisseurs Experience is not just a journey; it’s a sensory exploration designed to elevate your understanding of wine and immerse you in the enchanting world of Hunter Valley. Your experience in the Hunter Valley starts here.

Unveiling the Tapestry:

Your adventure commences the moment you arrive at Hunter Gleann. A warm welcome awaits with a complimentary bottle of premium Hunter Valley wine and a carefully crafted charcuterie board. It’s a taste of what lies ahead—a journey that intertwines knowledge, flavour, and the picturesque landscapes of the Hunter Valley.

Hunter Gleann - Hunter Valley Farm Stay Accommodation - Cottage King Bedroom Sitting Space
Hunter Valley- Wine Connoisseurs Experience Itinerary
Exclusive to Hunter Gleann Accommodation Guests

Complimentary Hunter Valley Wine and charcuterie board on Arrival at Hunter Gleann!

Full Day Wine Connoisseurs Experience experience inluding Winemaker for a Day, Vine to Glass, tasting fess and Lunch!

3 Course Dinner and bottle of wine per 2 people!

Chauffeured transport to and from the restaurant.

$530 per person (based on 4 people)

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Winemaker for a Day
Hunter Valley Winemakers Adventure:

The heart of the experience beats on the following day as you embark on a Winemakers adventure. Your first stop is McCaffery’s Estate, where the Winemaker for a Day experience awaits. Roll up your sleeves, delve into the art of winemaking, and become the architect of your own vintage. From blending wine varieties to bottling your creation, this hands-on encounter is a testament to the craftsmanship behind every bottle. Take your own creation with you to remember the experience.

A Culinary Interlude:

Pause for a moment of culinary delight with lunch at one of Hunter Valley’s restaurants. Let your taste buds dance amid the vine-covered hills, setting the stage for the afternoon’s exploration.

Vine to Glass Experience at Glandore Estate Wines:

The journey continues at Glandore Estate Wines for the Vine to Glass Experience. Start amidst the vines, gaining insights into vineyard management, harvest nuances, and the dedicated care that shapes our precious crop. With a glass in hand, venture into the winery for a sneak peek behind the scenes—the alchemy of turning grapes into liquid poetry. Taste wines straight from the barrel, then proceed to the cellar door for a comprehensive tasting of the diverse Glandore range.

A Unique Flavor Palette:

To add a unique touch to your Wine Connoisseur’s Experience, we’ll take you to Honey Tree Wine, Mount Eyre Vineyards. Immerse yourself in a tasting of their distinctive wines, complemented by an olive tasting from the bountiful orchards of Hunter Gleann.

Hunter Valley vineyard during vintage

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Book your exclusive Cocktail Lovers experience when you book your accommodation at Hunter Gleann.

Seamless Transitions:

After a day of exploration, return to Hunter Gleann to freshen up and prepare for an evening of sophistication. Our private chauffeur service ensures seamless transitions, whisking you away to an evening of refined dining without the worry of driving.

Hunter Valley Dinner in Elegance:

As the sun sets, prepare to be transported to a carefully selected restaurant where elegance meets indulgence. A 3-course dinner awaits, complemented by a bottle of wine for two. Savor every bite as you unwind and relish the enchanting atmosphere. The evening is a celebration of the finer things in life, a toast to the beauty of Hunter Valley’s culinary and viticultural delights.

Seal the Memories:

After the last course, your private driver awaits to return you to the tranquil embrace of Hunter Gleann. The experience doesn’t end with the last sip; it lingers in the air as you retire to the comfort of your accommodation, surrounded by the echoes of a day well spent.

Hunter Valley Resaurant
McCaffery's Winemaker
Book Your HunterValley Wine Connoisseur’s Experience:

Are you ready to savour the nuances of Hunter Valley’s winemaking legacy? The Wine Connoisseur’s Experience at Hunter Gleann beckons—a harmonious blend of education, exploration, and the sheer pleasure of fine wines.

Embark on your Hunter Valley Experience. Reserve Your Wine Connoisseur’s Experience now and let the Hunter Valley unfold its secrets in a journey crafted exclusively for those who seek to unravel the artistry behind every pour.

Cheers to Knowledge, Flavour, and the Essence of the Hunter Valley Wine Culture!

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